What would it be like
to participate in a conference
that nurtured you, stimulated you,
educated you, and sent you home
with a new sense of what the
practice of healthcare could be,
and how you can begin to bring these insights
into your own work
as a physician, nurse or other healthcare professional?

Take the time to reconnect with
what healthcare is for you
and what it could be….

“We have the opportunity to participate in the birth of a new paradigm, one that entails a radical reframing of both diagnosis and therapeutics; how we see those we are caring for; how we see others; how we see ourselves” – Balfour M. Mount, 2011

Please click here to listen to a CBC radio interview with Dr. Tom Hutchinson.

All images copyright Martin Hill.

Martin Hill is an internationally recognised communications designer, environmental artist, and photographer. His design work has won awards and is featured in international galleries. His environmental sculpture photographs have been published on cards, posters, calendars and books since 1995. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in many magazine articles, on television and websites.